Evolution Eyelash Extension

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What is Evolution Eyelash Extension?

Are your eyelashes dull or may be you are tired of applying false lashes? Try our eyelash extensions to give you the perfect balance of glam and natural styles that is literally suitable for every eye shape. We promise that we only use high quality lashes that feel soft to the touch and as light as a feather that you will not even know it’s on. Our eyelash glue also play a critical role in making sure the lashes are secured on but also not too toxic for our real lashes so that you won’t experience hair loss in the area. Evolution eyelash is a great way to accent your already beautiful eyes and give it the flare & volume it needs without looking too fake. With good care and grooming our eyelashes you won’t experience any major fall out because with our technique and precision your new lashes can last up to 3 weeks. Evolve your lashes with us today !

What Products do we use?

We use Biotouch premium mink lashes to help our clients get the eyelashes they’ve always wanted that give immediate and long-lasting results for up to three weeks. 

How to take care of the eyelashes after the procedure?

  • For 24 hour avoid moisture
  • Avoid oil around lashes
  • Avoid touching and rubbing lashes
  • Avoid sleeping on lashes
  • Avoid extreme heat
  • Avoid chemical peels and facials
  • Use a eyelash brush to brush your lashes


Dolly Curl Eyelash Perm & Tinting

Steps of The Procedure

Step 1: Consultation

Come in for your free consultation with our technicians and receive in depth information for all your questions or concerns you have about permanent makeup. During this step, get to know your technician and help us understand your needs so we can achieve the desired results for you.

Step 3: Ready for Eyelash Extension

We will be starting of with choosing the perfect premium mink eyelashes for you.. after that the procedure can start.

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