Wave Mini Lash Perm Kit


Help your clients get the eyelashes they’ve always wanted with eyelash perms that give immediate and long-lasting curl for up to three months. Perm procedures can be performed lying down or sitting up, while clients wait for their hair color, facials, or nails to dry.

The Wave Lash Perm Kit includes (1) #1 Perming Solution, (1) #2 Neutralizer, (1) #3 Collagen Conditioner, (1) Lash Perm Glue, (1) #4 Glue Remover, (6) Silicone Perm Rods, Wood Sticks, and Self-Adhesive Eye Pads.

Eyelash tinting may be applied immediately after perm using the Color Tint Kit

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Wave Mini Lash Perm Kit